Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down Singing “Piece By Piece”


American Idol’s first winner Kelly Clarkson returned for the final season to perform, but left everyone in a meltdown. It’s been over ten years since she was announced season one’s winner, and for Kelly Clarkson, being onstage brought back all the memories. Flooded with emotions, she sang “Piece by Piece,” a song she wrote herself when she was pregnant with her little girl. Now pregnant with her second child, she was able to perform it in front of everyone. Singing a song about her own life, tears started to fill her eyes, and suddenly, she lost herself in the song.

Choking back the tears, she made it through the performance and by the end, not only all of the judges were in tears, but the entire audience. She has always known to be a powerful singer, with her raw talent and gorgeous voice, so when she showed that much emotion, everyone was completely inspired.

No one expected an apology from this incredibly talented and very pregnant artist, yet when she explained what all was going on, it only made the moment more authentic. She made the last season’s performance one that showed just how much she’s grown over the years, and it was beautiful.

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