If You Have One Of THESE Pennies, You Could Be Rich


Back in 1943, a penny was accidentally made from copper instead of steel during World War II. But just recently that very coin sold for $1 million at auction. Texas Rangers’ co-chairman Bob R. Simpson bought the coin from Legend Numismatics, a New Jersey dealer of rare coins.

So what makes this penny more valuable than the countless ones you find in every American parking lot? Find out below!

So why did Simpson buy this penny for $1 million? Well back during World War II, pennies were supposed to be crafted out of steel. Copper was being used at the time to make shell cases for ammunition. And not an ounce of copper could be spared for anything but the war effort.

But the U.S. Mint sites in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco accidentally produced a few copper coins. These have become hot collector items. As early as 1958 collectors were buying them at auction.

Bob Campbell another rare coin collector bought his 1943 penny for $20,000.

“It’s been a pretty good investment so far,” Campbell said, in light of the $1 million auction sale.

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