Home Free’s Breathtaking Version Of “O Holy Night” Is Leaving Everyone Spellbound

There’s something about an empty church that fills the soul with hope. The bright light pouring through stained glass and beautiful music flowing from the organ is enough to make anyone see the light. So much love has passed through the halls, so much acceptance given by Him.

This type of setting is exactly what Home Free wanted for their hauntingly beautiful music video for “O Holy Night.” They couldn’t think of a better setting to sing about the special nature of Christmas Eve. Home Free’s rendition of “O Holy Night” was enough to stun the Internet (in a good way) and leave the world wanting more of their talented vocals.

The five skilled men set up shop singing a cappella in a gorgeous empty church. The combination of the hauntingly beautiful setting and the men’s voices result in a rendition of “O Holy Night” that’s bound to leave you breathless!

Even though they have millions of fans today, the group’s beginnings were far more humble. They didn’t get some big break early on in their careers, they literally had to fight for their fame!

Most people don’t know that Home Free was actually founded nearly two decades ago, in the early 2000s. A pair of talented brothers, Chris and Adam Rupp, followed their passion for acapella music and quickly found several other members to round out their group.

After months of practicing together, Home Free auditioned for NBC’s Sing-Off. They worked tirelessly week-in and week-out to take home the top prize. Fortunately, it all paid off! They were crowned Sing-Off champions and the rest was history!

Nowadays, the group spends their time recording new music, covering some of their favorite tracks and having a ball making music for a living! Their passion for the craft makes it easy to understand how they were able to take a classic like”O Holy Night” and turn it into something more beautiful than we ever could’ve pictured!

Their voices bounce off the church walls and the soft light compliments the soothing nature of the song. Why don’t more artists strip back the production and opt for a simple setting like Home Free did here? We can hear their voices perfectly without the distraction of sound effects, electric instruments and audio editing!

It takes true musical talent to successfully revisit such a popular song. After watching this, there’s no denying the men of Home Free are gifted.

Listen to Home Free’s version of “O Holy Night” below. They’re so good!