Artist Creates Stunning 3-D Paper Sculptures


Calvin Nicholls isn’t like any other artist. Instead of drawing on his paper, he uses it to make incredible 3-D sculptures that pop to life! From monkeys to puppies, Calvin’s work is simply amazing!


Taking His Time

The Canadian artist spends months creating the outline of his design, tracing it and applying the correct layers. He works slowly to ensure that he doesn’t make a project-ending mistake!


Every Detail Counts

There is more to this than cutting pieces of paper and gluing them together, Calvin explained to Nature Artists.

“I want people to be drawn in to explore the work and to consider the medium. Although I have completed pieces in full colour I continue to experiment with the interaction of light and shadow.”

The way the paper casts shadows and directs the light is of huge importance to Calvin. That’s why he takes months creating and planning each piece.


Truly Unbelievable

When the process is complete the final product will leave you absolutely speechless. This bear demonstrates just how intricate each piece really is!

The hair, eyes and claws look exactly like they would on a real bear snoozing in the forest!


Nothing Is Out Of Reach For Calvin

Despite the fact that most of his time is spent working on mammals and woodland creatures, Calvin has also expanded his artwork to colored fish like this Koi.


His “Paper Zoo”

Calvin even started a collection called “Paper Zoo” where he made a variety of animals just as you would see them in nature. Most of the sculptures, like this owl about to take off, are in the middle of an action!


Incredible Talent

Other pieces take even longer than the usual several-month period to create – some of his most intricate work takes years!

Calvin explains that feathers and fur are the hardest part of his work, so it makes sense that the downy feathers of this owl would take a bit longer than normal.


Popping Off Of The Page

This form of art combines his favorite parts of the creative process, Calvin explained to theDaily Mail UK.

“I developed my art to the point where I blended many of my passions – wildlife, the natural world, photography, design, model making, sculpture, light and shadow and have managed to indulge all of them.”

When he uses pop-out frames, the images look even more realistic – like they’re going to jump right off the page!


Pay Attention To The Eyes

An important facet of Calvin’s work are the life-like eyes. They seem to express emotion and a specific message, if only we could get inside his head when he made these!


A Patient Man

Calvin has spent decades making millions of tiny cuts into pieces of paper. So he’s learned the hard way that one little mistake with the scissors could cause a whole section of the sculpture to be ruined!


Every Corner Of The World

Even though he’s based in Canada, Calvin’s work has been displayed all across the globe. Right now he has shows in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Toronto and Ontario!


Make It Pop

The all-white materials don’t make the finished product any less enchanting! In fact, they have a soft, snowy appeal that makes you look closer.


Watch Calvin create an eagle from start to finish here!

There’s Nothing Like It

For Calvin, this was his calling since he could remember!

“It was a matter of time before my life-long interest in art and wildlife combined!”

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