A Yeti Style Cup Almost Killed His Patient, He Wants You To Know To HOW To Avoid This Happening To YOU.

A patient came into Dr. Beau Pierce’s office with recurrent bacterial infections and no one could figure out why. That is until they started to take a look at his lifestyle habits and discovered he was drinking out of the same yeti cup and not washing it correctly.

**Public Service Announcement**

This video is not specifically for Yeti cup owners. This could be pertinent for any cup with a “suction like” seal, it just happens that his patient was using a Yeti. This video was created as a public service announcement to remind people to wash their lids correctly.

This video is not to degrade Yeti, but to bring awareness to the issue.

Watch the following video to find out how to properly take care of your Yeti and make sure every piece is clean before use.

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