35-year-old mother’s excessive alcoholism led to untimely death


Beverly Pickorer had been a heavy drinker for most of her young adult life, eventually getting to the point where she was drinking, on average, 40 beers each day, as reported by the Sheffield Telegraph. At age 35, the mother of four became quite ill, suffering a tragic end caused by cirrhosis of the liver. She also suffered a loss of teeth, a loss of the inability to speak, and spent years in a care facility unable to do much of anything for herself – all because of chronic alcohol abuse, as reported by Mirror UK.

Pickorer’s devoted partner, Anthony Howard, stayed by Pickorer’s side at every step, watching her health deteriorate for five and a half years before her condition reached the point in the pictures below, according to Mirror UK. Howard released the photos of his beloved partner, whom he said began drinking heavily in her early 20’s as a result of several troubled relationships. He hoped that in sharing the photos of Pickorer, he could help alert others to the very serious and potentially fatal outcomes of prolonged alcohol abuse.

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Posted by Marcelo E Ana Campos on Monday, January 13, 2014

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